Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I first must say, I am so glad I was able to the use the week leading up to this holiday to ask old and new friends what they were grateful for.  It provided me with an opportunity to connect, and draw one inch closer to those who surround me.  So to everyone … More Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 7 for courage

I am lucky enough to have graduated from USD with a strong group of best friends–Lacey, Emily, and Amanda.  The lovely thing about the four of us is that we all are so different, and yet of course we have found our way to each other, forming a strong friendship that I know will be … More Day 7 for courage

Day 5: Grace

As I mentioned on day 1, I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some really awesome people while working at The Rush.  More specifically, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, I am greeted by instructor Angie, and on Friday mornings, I make an effort to wake up for her 6 AM rushRide.  Angie not only … More Day 5: Grace