Music of a Half Marathon – Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2016


Clearly I am still working on this whole “back to blogging thing.”

While there are multiple reasons as to why this blog has continued to fall by the wayside, ultimately I believe there is only one excuse for when something does not get done.

It wasn’t a priority.

So this blog is still finagling its way into my life, and well, I am perfectly fine with that.  There are more important things for me taking space in my day to day.

Well, with the Tinker Bell Half Marathon coming up this weekend, I find no better way to have many of my current and previous loves come full circle.  I’m back to running, (somewhat) back to blogging, and of course, this race is special to me.

Many friends know that Tink was my first race, my first half. It was the race that started it all.  Even better, I ran Tink for the first time during its inauguration, which makes me a legacy runner.  Five years (almost) of this race, so naturally it’s one very near and dear to my heart.

I have not run in a year. What’s interesting (and what I actually planned) is that my last race was Tinker Bell last year.  And quite honestly? I didn’t have a great race.  So-so, if that.  Hence the run break! So one year later, here I am again, starting anew, beginning again.  Goal for this year? Of course, cross the finish with no injuries, but most importantly, not focus on time. I want feel that same love I felt for the sport like it was my first time running Tink.  The wind blowing through my hair, my heart beating, the pavement pounding beneath me–I feel as if it has been so long since I had a race that I felt I enjoyed and at which I had fun.

That’s what Tinker Bell, especially this year, is all about. The magic of Disney, the magic of running–it’s time to find it and feel it once more.

Naturally, just as with any race I have ever run, the music helps me with that. This year I have an interesting mix! But I’ve focused on music which brings me joy, which brings a smile to my face (though I threw some Run the Jewels in there for some oomph), which I hope will help bring me to that runner’s high. Let’s fall back in love with the race.

Here’s a few snippets of songs included in the playlist, but see below for it on Spotify!

Happy Running!

  • “Pretty Wings” – Zak Waters
  • “Hell No” – Ingrid Michaelson
  • “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” – Justin Timberlake
  • “The Wire” – HAIM
  • “Rely” – ODESZA
  • “Silver Lining” – Rilo Kiley
  • “Old Thing Back” – Matoma
  • “The Touch” – KOLAJ



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