Take me to a place where I don’t know anybody

It’s hard to believe that is has only been about a week and a half since I left San Diego and ventured off to Salt Lake City to begin an exciting new summer.  Time flies!  Upon arrival, the other new camp assistants and I quickly began with training, where we learned more about Backroads as a company, their internal systems, but most importantly, the training included a mock trip in the Wasatch Mountains where we were able get a glimpse of what a day in the life of a camp assistant or camp chef looks like.  One thing is for sure: the learning curve for me in this position is sure to be extremely high–and I have convinced myself that I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When training ended, the rest of the camp assistants and I got a few days together to spend, which, if you can imagine, were a ton of fun.  Finally some have ventured off home before their own trips with the company began and some have stuck around (including me) and did a bit of exploring to Park City, Antelope Island, Ensign Peak, etc.

I don’t believe there is too much too report to you all about the training and the days following that would be of huge importance or interest; I suppose some of those details will follow once I begin working my own trips.  However, what has stuck with me since arriving in SLC is written above: take me to a place where I don’t know anybody.

It does not come as any surprise to me, but the people at Backroads are awesome.  I knew it when I interviewed, I knew it when I was learning about the company, and my thoughts were confirmed further when I arrived in SLC and met the other 10 new camp assistants.  People who started off as strangers have now become friends.  While I arrived and had no idea who anyone was, I found beauty in the unknown, and how quickly the idea of not knowing anyone vanished.

I am not the type to stand idle while traveling and keep to myself for an extended period of time.  Take me to a place where I don’t know anybody?  It won’t be long before I make sure that I do know somebody!  What a challenge to go from stranger to friend, to decide to let someone into your life.  I love meeting new people and making new friends, learning their stories, hearing them and watching them explore their passions.  It really is a beautiful and honest blessing to be let into another’s life, in what capacity that may be.

The rest of the camp assistants and I have been in a text message group, and the thought of the summer ahead excites me already, as I know messages to each other from our different regions will surely keep us updated on our adventures in some of America’s most beautiful national parks.  Maybe I’m too cheesy, but isn’t that so beautiful?! It’s so beautiful I want to cry (ok, not really).  But in all honestly, I love the idea of watching my new friends–who were once strangers–come to their own in a new job, in a new city, in a new environment.

photo2014 new Backroads camp assistants with our trainers

To the rest of my fellow camp assistants (who don’t even know I have this blog, but whatever), it has already been such a pleasure to be in your company.

And to all of you back home, I miss you all, but I’ll be seeing you!



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