Off to a new adventure

As I sit in John Wayne Airport, awaiting to board my flight to Salt Lake City, the nostalgia kicks in. Packing up an old life and preparing for a new adventure with Backroads has been quite exhilarating! But, of course, San Diego has been home for six years.  I honestly feel as if I know this city more than any other.  I know where to eat, I know where to take my visitors as we explore together, I know where my favorite beaches are, my favorite place to get a surf and turf burrito (Habañeros), my favorite place to get a breakfast burrito (Nico’s, om nom nom), my favorite coffee shop (Caffe Italia!), my favorite farmers market (Little Italy Mercato), my favorite spin studio (The Rush … of course ;) ), and more (notice most of those places involve food? ha!).  Naturally, I feel a bit sad to leave the place I have called home, but I know I will eventually return (if not to pick up all my belongings in storage)!  So, fret not, friends!  In the words of the Terminator, “I’ll be back.” :)

Last night, I enjoyed the most lovely happy hour with my Rush family, and it was the absolute perfect way to say “see you later” to America’s Finest City.  Thank you to all of my friends and family who have made me feel so special as I start my move.



Flowers, Starbucks, and the lovely heartfelt cards from my co-workers


My friend Tracy wrote me the sweetest card and saw me the night before I left.  I’m sorry I could not make your birthday Trace! xo

photo (2)

More send off goodies from the Rush and my friends.  I feel so loved! And my sweet tooth is at an all time high!!

photo 2

I am going to miss my avesy!

photo 3

Corey, Tim, and Deanna are by far the most amazing people to work for and work with.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Rush team!

Naturally, I would love to keep you all updated on the happenings with Backroads, so stay tuned!



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