When you love what you do

What happens when you actually love your job?  As hard as it is to believe, it has already been almost 7 months since I faced a huge fear and quit my steady and well-paying public accounting job at EY.  Wow.  Does anyone remember that?  As I said my goodbyes, I could have never pictured where life would leave me now–and boy, is it somewhere amazing.  The best is always yet to come.

It’s not something I have written a whole lot about here, but I currently work at The Rush Indoor Cycling Studio as a studio manager for the Rush’s Carmel Valley location.  I work for a company that promotes healthy living.  I work for a company that gets its clients excited about going in and getting a sweat in.  I work for a company that pushes its members to challenge themselves.  I work for a company that urges its to build strength–through community and with friends (and strangers) by your side.  I love my job.  This feeling is exciting and new and not something I necessarily grew up imagining, but I could not be anymore happy with where I am now.

I find myself in awe that because I love what I do, I don’t mind going to work. I actually get excited to go–sometimes I even have to force myself to leave! Often, I head over to the studio for one task or another, and find myself … sticking around much longer than I had planned because I love being around my team and our clients.  Even more shockingly, because I love what I do, I enjoy attending meetings, more so because I consider my boss and managers to be people I work with, not work for.  It truly is a team effort to provide the best service to our customers as possible.

photo 1

Tim and Corey–the owners of The Rush–remind us every week to “love what we do”

As a recent post grad, I am sure many of my old friends and classmates struggled or currently struggle to find meaningful work.  After being sent off into the big bad adult world, we snatch up what jobs we can find, doing what we can to make ends meet.  But if there is something I have learned since being out of college, it is that searching for that perfect job is worth it, and often making sacrifices are necessary to get there.  Whatever it is–whatever makes you excited to get up in the morning–is out there, ready and waiting for you to find it with open arms.  Only you can know what will fulfill you at the end of the day–maybe it is solving some ridiculous puzzle at work, maybe it is saving lives, maybe it is engaging in conversation with others, maybe it is working with children.  Regardless, whatever it is has to matter.  My dear friend Avery wrote an inspiring post about this idea in her blog and what I wish all of us could take away from it is this:  find what matters to you.  

For me, what I know I love is taking care of others.  I love talking (how simple is that?).  I love chatting about life.  I love proving to people that they are special.  One of my goals in life is making sure that each person I encounter feels like they are the most important person in the world for the moments–whether it is a glance on the sidewalk or a conversation that lasts for hours, or a lifetime–we spend together.

That is what I believe to be is my purpose.

Who knows.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But the thing is– that may not be yours or mine–AT ALL!  I asked my brother Adrian (who is an engineer–check out this article in which he is featured) about what he likes about his job and he mentioned that he enjoys his work because of the end product; he sees a product he designed being used to make things run more smoothly and efficiently.

The point is we all find fulfillment in different types of work.  Isn’t that amazing?  And this truly goes to show that meaningful work can be found.  But we must find the strength, perseverance, courage, and bravery to get out there and find it.  Find what makes you tick.  Find what matters to you.  Find the work that at the end of the way, you head to bed and think,

“Yeah.  I love what I do.”




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