#TheFastestNarvaez – Ragnar Relay SoCal 2014 Day 2

photo 4Day 2! I apologize for the delay; I was waiting to get some more photos from my teammates!  I left off of day 1 of the Ragnar Relay SoCal after our van exchanged with van 2 in the middle of the night!  By this point, our van had not had a proper meal, so somehow we headed off to Jack in the Box (not that that is a proper meal anyway) since it was one of the only things still open past midnight.  Our van sure had a good laugh as we pulled into the drive through, ordering twelve tacos and even more fast food.  Oh well!  After scarfing down our food and getting gas, we headed to our hotel in Carlsbad to take showers and sleep as much as we could before exchanging with van 2 again.

Again, since I was a part of the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center team, they awesomely had rooms ready for us to take advantage of.  After taking a shower, I was able to sleep an hour and a half before getting a text from van 2 saying that their last runner had just started.  Let me just say, all, that text message at 3:30 in the morning was killer.  We were all exhausted and so sad we had to get up to get in the van and start again, especially after sleeping on a bed.  But anyway, I was up and had to run my last and final leg whether I liked it or not!  I started my last leg at about 4:20 AM–8.1 miles through Carlsbad and to Solana Beach along the coast.  This was my hardest leg.  The lack of sleep and exhaustion really did it!  I struggled through the miles and the hill to the next exchange, and let’s just say that Jack in the Box did not bode well for my body (big surprise).  Not going to lie, my legs were tired and I was not very fast! And MAN, runner 1s are fast–many are male and much older than me, and I definitely got “killed” a good number of times, ha!  Also, running in the dark feels harder, that’s for sure!

Finally, I finished sometime before 6 AM and I was all done! It was such a glorious feeling knowing that I could relax and cheer the rest of the day!  Honestly, I was so giddy to be back in San Diego.  As we drove from exchange to exchange through areas of North County and La Jolla that I frequent, I couldn’t stop smiling!

photo 1

View of Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas at exchange 26

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 3.39.02 PM

Stephanie and me waiting at exchange 26; excuse my tired face!

Finally, we headed over to the Torrey Pines Gliderport, where we exchanged for the last time with van 2; what a beautiful spot :)

photo 4

Van 1! Left to right: Robert, Rael, me, Jon, Joe, Stephanie

Following our last exchange, our van drove to La Jolla Village to grab some breakfast at Brockton Villa.  We celebrated with mimosas and sangria, then headed downtown to the San Diego Convention Center to wait for van 2 for the finish!  Honestly, nothing too exciting happened; we napped in the van for an hour in the parking lot before all the car alarms went off and we crankily left to go to the finish and wait some more.

After hanging out for a few hours, enjoying our free Sierra Nevada beer, our last runner Jackie headed in around 3:30 PM, we met her for the last stretch and we all crossed the finish line together!


The team! (Missing Robert and Annie who had to leave early to be with their children.  They were missed!)

I must repeat.  I fell in love.  I love running, and what an amazing time running with a team.  I am addicted and I cannot wait until my next relay!  If you haven’t tried one yet, please give it a shot.  The lack of sleep, odd running hours, and lack of proper food is totally worth it to spend unforgettable times with your friends.  Love.  But really.

I was lucky enough to share a van with family, and I had a blast bonding with them, laughing through the wee hours of the night.  Thank you to you all for the fun times!  Truly priceless.

I leave you all with selfies my cousin Joe took (we’re a selfie family, get over it):

photo 2


photo 3

photo 1

I told you we’re a selfie family.


That is all :)




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