Monday mantra

Last week, my friend Avery and I attended the Storyline Conference here in San Diego.  I spent two and a half days feeling inspired, ready to continue making positive efforts towards living a more meaningful life and authentic story.  I cannot wait to share with you all even more even some of the snippets of what I took away from the experience.

But for now, on this simple Monday, I have found that one of the quotes from the weekend that has been engrained in my mind is one from speaker Randall Wallace.

photo (4)

I want nothing less than what is worth my life.  Gosh.  Isn’t that beautiful?  This begs the question–what is worth our lives? Why should we want anything less than what is worthy of us?  Big wake up call for me here; note the word want.  I want.  I desire.  We have to want this! Then the next step is to accept nothing less.

We were made in God’s image and likeness and and were fearfully and wonderfully made.  That alone should be a constant reminder of our worth and value.  Why settle?  It is almost shameful to accept anything less.  We were made for greatness! So be great–and want nothing less.



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