Monday mantra

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been maneuvering through a couple of transitions lately, most especially with regard to work and my schedule.  I have taken on a number of commitments, and this week, I know my challenge will be balancing it all, especially with my non-traditional working schedule.

I have no doubt that we all experience this everyday.  We are pulled in one direction, tugged at another.  Often I force myself to take a step back and simply breathe–look at all of my “to-do’s,” and before I take on my plan of attack, I remind myself:

photo (1)

I have yoga to thank for teaching me that I am enough.  Each time I stepped (and continue to step) onto my mat, instructors reminded me that I can give all I can for the day, and whatever that is, it is enough.  While this week, I have taken I am enough and I plan to use it as a reminder throughout my busy schedule, of course this mantra can be a reminder in a number of different situations.  Use it however you would like.


This week, as long as I continue to give my best and work hard–what more can I do?  Nothing.  Practice acceptance and remember–I am enough.



2 thoughts on “Monday mantra

  1. You make me think about all the nights I stress out about stuff I have to do the next day, or something I need to get done but don’t have the resources for it. I have to remind myself some nights, there is nothing I can do about it until the next morning when an office opens, etc. No point in stressing out about it until then at least. Good luck with your week.

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