a reason, a season, or a lifetime


An acquaintance of mine brought up the following quote to me: people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

I have been blessed to have a community that I know will be there for a lifetime.  My best friends from high school?  Some have stuck by my side since elementary school, and those women never fail to be loyal.  My family and relatives, of course, will be by my side no matter what.  And my great friends from USD?  They also stuck by my side throughout college; they are friendships that never wavered.  So in the quote above, the strong community I have includes friends and family who will never leave, and I am eternally grateful.

But what about people who come into our lives for “a reason” or “a season?”  I will admit, there have been a couple of people after graduation who have come in and out–people who I connected with and thought would stay–and simply because I have grown accustomed to meaningful relationships that stick, I was honestly shocked to find that in fact, people leave.  Not everyone in our lives is meant to stay forever.

Shocking, right? Ha.  But truly, I have spent the past year and a half learning that strong friendships and strong relationships may not last.  And I have spent the past year and a half learning to accept this fact, as difficult as it may be.

But just as my friends “for a lifetime” serve me in some manner, those others who came for a snippet of my life served me in other ways and vice versa.  It does not always help to feel bitter or sad; I believe my energy can be put to better use via more positive emotions.  Often, I think about the joy that is brought when I think of those people and only wish them well–and hope that only good things happen to them.

So in any stage of life and in any situation–people may not stick around.  But what can we do?  Smile, when they pop up in our minds.  Laugh, when we remember an inside joke.  Dance, when a song we loved comes on the radio.  But most importantly?

“I thank my God every time I remember you.”

– Philippians 1:3



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