Good things happen to those who hustle

Change of plans.  Remember when I mentioned that I was going to take a mini hiatus from running after running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon?


Well about that …

This happened.


I guess I’m running the LA Marathon?

Just after I had crossed the finish line at the Tinker Bell Half, my brother (who has already been registered for the LA Marathon for months now) asked me the following question, “If LA didn’t cost anything for you, would you do it?”

… to which I replied, “If any race was free I’d run all the races.”

Oh, Janine, the things you say after crossing a finish line–especially when you have had a running break planned.

Later on in the conversation, my brother offered to pay for my registration for the LA Marathon as an early birthday gift, and I was dumbfounded, not because he offered to pay (he paid for part of my OC Half Marathon registration as my birthday gift in 2013), but because this opportunity was presented to me.

I was tired of running.  I needed the mental break.

photo 2

Sleepy Janine

But another marathon? Running through a city that I can quite honestly say I have not truly explored as an adult?  Doing the race knowing that I knew at least three other people who were running it as well (my brother, Tony, and my friend Alex)?  When I told Tony that my brother offered to pay for the registration, he said that I had to do it.  According to him (he ran the marathon last year), the spectators and support are awesome.

And that’s my favorite part of a race.

I spent the next few days thinking about it, talking it over in my head and with friends, and then something clicked.

Part of the reason I was hesitant about signing up for the race wasn’t only because I was tired or needed a break–it’s because I felt lazy.  Lazy to do the long runs, lazy to make the sacrifices that marathon training requires, lazy to get back into that reminder that if you want something, you have to work hard to get it.

That realization did it for me.  I am not lazy and I do not allow myself to even slip into that lifestyle even for a second.  That is when I knew I had to register.

This is just one more thing I love about running–I have learned buttloads about what it means to work hard for something you want.  If I want to make it to the finish line and if I want to achieve my 2014 marathon goal, I need to put in the time, the effort, and the dedication.  Which is why we are now here … 6 and a half weeks until the LA Marathon, and I am ready to get back to work. 

photo (6)

Have you run the LA Marathon? If so, I’d love to hear your experience about it!



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