Tradition is tradition

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2013 Annual Christmas Dinner

Last Saturday evening, I met my greatest friends from high school for our annual Christmas dinner.  In Tonhu’s words, “tradition is tradition.” Every year since we graduated in 2008, this dinner has been one of the only few times (sometimes the only time) we can all be together throughout the year.  With six women and six differing schedules, reserving this time for each other can be difficult, but somehow throughout the years, we have made it work.  This year was especially challenging; normally we dine back home in Orange County, but this year my friends were gracious enough to meet me halfway at Fratelli’s in Oceanside for dinner.

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2009 and 2010

I could not have been more excited for this reunion.  These girls have been company for years–Jenny, since fourth grade; Tonhu, Sarah, and Denice, since middle school; and Su, since high school.  They have been my rocks ever since.  As we gathered around the table with bottles of wine and delicious Italian food, we all went around and caught each other up on our happenings in life.

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2011 and 2012

photoMy friends are amazing, and each time we are together, I am reminded of that.  I heard Tonhu speak about her time at the Irvine Unified School District; I heard Denice speak about upcoming interviews and career goals and hear her be her typical hilarious self; I heard Sarah speak about how her second year at Berkeley Law has been tons better than the first; I heard Jenny speak about her first year in her MFA program at Johns Hopkins and her teaching experiences; I heard Su speak words I didn’t understand in the slightest about her research at MIT.  Sitting around the table and hearing everyone’s stories–I am in awe of my friends.

True friends are precious.  Most particularly, post-grad life has shown me who those true friends of mine are and who I should hold on to.  While recognizing who those friends are can be painful and letting go of others even more difficult, I have found that when I remind myself that I have truly special friends who have stuck by my side for years, that is all I need.  My friendships with these five girls are unique; sometimes we find it difficult to even text each other, chat on the phone, and catch up.  Sometimes, this Christmas dinner is the only time during the whole entire year that I even see them.  But each time we are reunited, I remember how much fun we have together and how lucky I am to have this group who I still feel connected to after all this time. They truly are friends for a lifetime!

Many hugs and thanks to Jenny, Sarah, Su, Tonhu, and Denice for your friendships.  I know we are all so lucky to have each other!



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