Venturing out: my first aerial silk class

Last Saturday, my friend Kaytee and I ventured out of our home found at CorePower Yoga and tried something completely new–an aerial fabric (or silk) class at Aerial Revolution.  We had heard about the studio through CorePower when we were in teacher training, and since Kaytee bought a Groupon for classes, she invited me along to try it out.


What Kaytee and I wish we looked like

Aerial Revolution provides classes in aerial arts, acrobatics, yoga, and dance, and it was the perfect opportunity to play!  Upon arriving, we did some stretches and warm ups, but eventually Kaytee and I found ourselves sharing a silk cloth to ourselves.  The class started off with some basics, somersaults with the silk, holding inversions, and using core strength to hold 90 degree holds while upside down.

Thennn Kaytee and I were schooled by those around us (ha!).  We stared in awe as the other students performed some serious acrobatic movements, holding scorpion pose, and maneuvering through other postures, so much so that it looked like they were dancing mid-air.  It was truly beautiful.

Needless to say, I had a great time, but the class sure was challenging.  Honestly, I know I have a strong body, but it truly goes to show that my physical strength will always have room for growth.  The most difficult part of class was climbing up the silk; Kaytee totally rocked it and nearly made it to the top!

photo 2

Almost to the top!

photo 3

photo 4


Studio-wise, I was pleased overall.  The instructor was helpful and the other students in class went out of their way to show us some tips and tricks, and for me, that makes a world of an impression.  But after a few more classes, I’ll have a better idea of how I feel about this establishment.  So far, not too shabby!

My favorite part of class was anytime I got to play with my flexibility and my core strength upside down.  Boy, was it fun; I felt giddy like a child!  Now, I bought Aerial Revolution’s introductory week-long unlimited package, which expires this Friday, so I have myself a full load of new classes ahead of me.  Later tonight, I’ll be trying out my handstands!  All in all, I could not be happier with the opportunity to have the open space to play.



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