Daring myself!


I think I have repeated a few times that I feel as if I have been in a little bit of a funk lately.  I am still trying to pinpoint what is going on, so for now I have just been going with it.  Maybe it’s the (slight) change in weather, maybe it’s the holiday season and the reminder of the new year–who knows?  Regardless, it’s just that–a funk.  I’m still running, I’m still going to yoga, I’m still getting out of bed, I’m still spending time with friends, so I’m not entirely concerned, but I am itching to find that excited and highly energetic woman again.

I came across Hannah Brencher’s 60 day challenge for herself, where she is attempting to refine her lifestyle in order to become “healthier” and “treat herself better.”  I was inspired.  I need challenges like these, because they create habits, which I can only hope lead to an overall healthier and more fulfilled life.  So I have been thinking, what works for me?  How can I cater this challenge for myself?  I don’t think that I need a certain number of days, but I want a similar list of daily goals for myself.  Instead of a challenge, I really loved the idea of thinking of this as a dare.  Dares are challenging of course–and require a bold attitude and strong mindset.  I need that!  So I dare myself to do the following:

no social media between the hours of 9-6 PM … I think this is pretty self explanatory.  It is a distraction and I have consciously been trying to make an effort to stay off of it as much as possible.  This could be pretty difficult as some of my work requires me to be on social media, but I will have to make do.

at least 30 minutes of quiet time each upon waking and before sleep … Something I have been wanting to get into the habit of is starting my morning in meditation and prayer, and ending my day with a book and prayer.  It just seems right, if that makes any sense.

reserve one rest day a week (includes no restorative/yin yoga) … with marathon training on top of taking full advantage of my CorePower membership, I usually am pretty active each day, often even trying to fit in two-a-days.  Of course, rest is important, and I have been pretty good at reminding myself to take days off, but I still need the reminder.  One day each week where I do no absolutely nothing active at all.  No “must do’s.”  Sometimes taking days off reminds me of the love I have for yoga and running, and honestly–I need that.

one-two pieces of a dessert/junk food a day … I really need to clarify this.  I indulge in sugar.  I would say sugar is something I have very little self control over.  I never know how to stop eating cookies, or candy, or chips, or whatever.  I honestly partly blame EY for this, as during busy season, snacks fill the audit room with anything you could think of.  I got into the habit at EY and now is the time to get out of the habit.  Everything in moderation.  On a side note, it really bothers me when I speak with people about my unhealthy eating habits and their response is, “But you run a lot!”  “But you practice yoga!”

Um … no.  I do not run to eat.  I do not practice yoga to enjoy that piece of pie or piece of cake (or both).  Each and every thing I do should help me become even healthier.  Those are excuses.  Don’t make them–especially for me.

eat out only 1-2 meals per week … Ever since quitting EY, I of course am on a huge budget.  I have been very good with cooking meals, and I am proud of the work I have done with regard to not spending money eating out.  I want to be able to continue this habit!

So there we go.  Let’s just say I’ll try and dare myself with this list until the end of January.  That is 59 days I believe, and that number has absolutely no meaning to me, but sticking to it through at least one month of 2014 seems completely doable.  And now that I have written it down for all of you to read, I’m held to it!  Oh, the beauty of having a blog … ;)



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