Day 7 for courage


I am lucky enough to have graduated from USD with a strong group of best friends–Lacey, Emily, and Amanda.  The lovely thing about the four of us is that we all are so different, and yet of course we have found our way to each other, forming a strong friendship that I know will be for a lifetime.  While you may have heard of Lacey as I just visited her in Florida a few weeks ago and we ran the Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon, there are some things that must be said about Amanda and Emily.  But for now, I used today’s opportunity to ask Amanda what she is grateful for.


Thankfully, Amanda still resides in San Diego, so challenges with seeing each other usually consist of differing schedules.  I always enjoy my time with her, even if it does not happen as much as I would hope.  Amanda?  She makes me laugh.  There’s no doubt about that.  She’ll be completely and utterly silly with me.  On top of that, she’s one I know who will explore with me.  Whether it’s a new restaurant, a new city, a new career, whatever, she has the open mind and flexibility to do some searching.  Everyday, her strength inspires me and I know I can come to her for a good heart to heart.

Amanda shared with me the following,

I am grateful for having the courage to change directions in life. After spending so long working towards one goal, it is really difficult realizing your passion lies elsewhere. I am so thankful for my tenacity and perseverance, and for having the ability to pursue my dreams when so many are unable to. I am also so grateful for my support system in helping me get there!! Last but not least, I am thankful for the men and women serving our country. While we are able to enjoy the holidays with loved ones, so many are unable to. I am forever grateful for their sacrifices, especially during this holiday season.

Now when I say that Amanda is brave–I really mean it.  She and I had both been talking about quitting our jobs around the same time period, but she took the plunge and quit first, leaving her job to pursue something completely different–a career in occupational therapy.  I am incredibly lucky to have had her to look up to as I gathered up the courage to quit mine.  On another note, Amanda’s strength regarding her relationship is also inspiring.  Her boyfriend, Andrew, who is in the Navy, is currently in Bahrain for … let’s say quite a bit of time.  I’m so proud of Amanda for being so strong, both with regard to her passions, and her relationships.  I have never really characterized myself as someone who is courageous–though looking back, I realize that I am–but I’m so grateful for Amanda, who displays courage for all of us to see.



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