Gratitude for transitions: Day 6


Today, I was lucky enough to have my friend Avery share with me something she is grateful for.  Avery herself has her own personal blog, Some Blissful Thinking, and has been expressing her own seven days of thanks.  Well, I sure am glad she conjured up something else she is grateful for for my post today, as Avery will never fail to have words of wisdom to contribute.  She always speaks and writes beautifully and of things that matter, so I knew that I had to use one of these days leading up to Thanksgiving to hear her words.

Avery shared with me the following,

I am really grateful for this transition period.  It took me a while to just trust God with it, but now I’m realizing its benefits.  I’ve been able to learn so much about myself and refine what I’m looking for in a career.  I discovered my creativity flows better in a more flexible schedule rather than a 9-5 job.  I’m also so thankful that during this time I’m also able to go home for holidays and take a long vacation, which would not have been as easy if I was in a structured job environment.  I’m learning to trust the process and God’s timing and I’m finally happy with where I’m at now rather than just worried and trying to get to the future.

I am lucky enough to have Avery alongside me as we both discover twists and turns in our career path and post-grad lives.  Similar to what she expressed above, I am grateful to have a more flexible work schedule, as opposed to my time at EY.  The fact that I was able to drive to North County San Diego today to bring Aves to the airport in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon and help her avoid a hefty cab ride bill, is one of the little things that I am grateful for.  Flexibility is a blessing.

A few months ago, I actually wrote about transitions, more specifically transitions as I quit my corporate job and worked to discover what work God is calling me to do.  I mentioned that transitions can be difficult and I touched upon the idea that life is a constant one; how we maneuver through these changes refines and builds character.  Transitions once frightened me, but when Avery told me she was grateful for them, I realized that now, I was too.  We go through transitions to make our way to something better for ourselves and bigger than ourselves; how could I not be grateful for this time that will bring me closer to the future I am meant for?  Transitions are not to be afraid of.  After all, we will constantly go through them.  We may as well embrace and “adjust our sails” through them.

Thanks Avery, for sharing your words and for not only opening my eyes and finding the good in every situation–in every transition–but also for sticking by me through mine.



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