Day 5: Grace


As I mentioned on day 1, I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some really awesome people while working at The Rush.  More specifically, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, I am greeted by instructor Angie, and on Friday mornings, I make an effort to wake up for her 6 AM rushRide.  Angie not only works as a spin instructor at The Rush, but she also teaches at CKO Kickboxing, works at lululemon athletica, and she works at Elevate Church.

photo (2)

Angie amazes me and the fact that I had the opportunity to meet her at work brings a smile to my face.  Not only does she promote healthy living in a physical sense, but her faith inspires me as well.  One morning, on a day that I–of course–needed it, Angie walked into the studio with read this as her greeting.  She handed me her phone, and as I reread the day’s devotional from Jesus Calling, all I could feel was gratitude for Angie.  The words were exactly what I needed, and that morning, she was Jesus Christ to me.  But that morning is just a glimpse into how thankful I am that I have met Angie.

When I asked Angie what she was grateful for, she responded with graceGod’s grace.  The fact that we can all “screw up” and be okay is an indescribable blessing.  Angie spoke of how she has made so many mistakes, but God still calls her His child.  How beautiful is that?  Despite errors in judgment and mistakes made, so much has been given to her, and not entirely by her own efforts.  Working at The Rush and CKO are just examples of that–she did not spend her whole life training to become instructors, but these opportunities fell into her lap.


After hearing Angie’s response, I sat and thought about grace.  I thought of the idea that we are loved even if we may not deserve it.  Blessings are continually bestowed on us despite our failings.  I know I am not perfect and weaknesses are abundant.  But I trust in God, knowing that His grace will continually overflow.  The verse above is one of my favorites; my own personal mantra that I have repeated to myself for years now is stay strong.  Daily, I pray for strength, and when I read “my power is made perfect in weakness” because His grace is “sufficient,” I am comforted.  

So what can we do in response, knowing that we never have to worry that God will refrain from be graceful?  What better way than to be grateful.  Sit back, don’t worry, give thanks, and continue to serve.  The grace will come.



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