Belly laughs at Friendsgiving: Day 4

photo (1)

Earlier this afternoon, my friends Liz and Mark invited a bunch of friends over to their home for our very own “Friendsgiving.”  Now it has been a few years since I’ve participated in a friendsgiving.  When I studied abroad in Florence, my friend Cally and her roommates invited other classmates over to celebrate Thanksgiving while we were away from our families.  I remember how much I enjoyed spending the day with my friends, preparing a meal together, enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating the holiday.  Since studying abroad, my Thanksgivings have been spent with my family, and it was such a nice change to experience “Friendsgiving” once again.

After scavenging through Pinterest for something to contribute, I opted for pumpkin hot chocolate, while Mark played “Wannabe Chef” and cooked us up some delicious turkey and stuffing, and the rest of the group came bearing dessert, appetizers, and drinks.

photo 3

Part of the group!

I used this opportunity in community to ask everyone around what they were grateful for and received the following responses (I missed a few people who left early or who had stepped out for a few minutes):

  • Alex – … for family, friends, and good health.
  • Liz – … for friends who want to come over and just hang out.
  • Jacob – … for being in this place and time in his life and having no regrets.
  • Hannah – … for her parents who live in the US!
  • Eddie – … for fun games.

photo 2

Liz and Hannah–aren’t they beautiful?

Now rather than touching upon all of my friends’ responses, I really have to speak of the time I spent with them today.  Now … Eddie’s response?  Games?  What’s that all about?  A lot of the day was spent playing Something Different, Cards Against Humanity, and my favorite for the day … Telephone Pictionary.  I swear this game made us all out of breath from all of the laughing.  Now don’t get me wrong, I laugh often; but belly laughs that take my breath away?  That provided an abs workout?  Those are priceless and it’s not everyday that I laugh so hard it hurts.

That is what I am grateful for.  Belly laughs.  They made my adrenaline rush.  They made me thankful to be surrounded by friends who know how to make me smile.  They made me feel alive.  How could they not?  After all, laughter is the best medicine.

A big hug and thank you to Liz and Mark for welcoming us into their home!



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