A question of gratitude: Day 2

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Happy Friday!  Today I thought I’d ask my big brother–Adrian–this question of gratitude.  Now not many of you may know my Kuya–apparently he’s just someone that I am “faster” than.  Well actually, right now that’s not true (his PR’s are faster than mine), but there was a time when I was faster and I will catch up again eventually.  You’re on, big brother!


Kuya and I after finishing our first “brother-sister” half marathon (San Diego Half Marathon 2013)

When I asked my brother what he was grateful for, he provided the following response,

“I’m thankful for the ability to utilize the body that I was given.  Running, crossfit, and obstacle course races keep me feeling alive and I can’t believe I only started being active a couple years ago.  I’m thankful for all the people who pushed me, worked out with me, ran with me, and kept me motivated.  These people know who they are and I’ll be forever thankful.”

Similarly to my brother, I only started running races a few years ago, but my running spans back a few years before that.  And if there is something my brother and I have in common, it is that we love to race.  While I have stuck to my running distances, my Kuya frequents the Spartan Races, requiring a lot more strength.  And while I cannot get enough of yoga, my brother is a crossfitter.  But what do we have in common?  We love to move, we love to race, we love to use our bodies and hear our hearts pumping.

While of course, I’m grateful for a number of things, I really have to speak of my body.  Again, this despondency I mentioned yesterday has even affected my running; earlier this week I ran 15 miles and definitely was not feeling it.  I reminded myself not to dwell on the bad run–that we all have off days.

On Wednesday, I took Katie B.’s C3 class (one of my favorite instructors), and while we flowed through class and moved through our flow, arm balances, and inversions, I could not help but feel thankful.  We moved through a number of arm balances including eight angle pose, firefly, and other–all challenging postures that take a lot of core strength–and as I attempted some of these arm balances (and fell a lot, mind you), a small smile came to my face.  This is crazy right?  I’m attempting to balance on my hands.  Who does that?!  

I’m thankful for strong feet, legs, and knees that keep me upright.  Thankful for a flexible body that allows me to feel more free, open, and calm in my mind as well.  Thankful that I can even practice yoga!  

On that note, how lucky am I to have a body that can run a marathon?  How lucky am I to have a body that can run 15 miles–even if it was in my words, “a bad run?”  How lucky am I to have a body that can run at all?  That can walk?  That can stand?  So many are robbed of this ability, and we take it for granted.  Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to have something until we lose it.  Especially something as seemingly simple as our bodies.

Our bodies are vessels that keep us safe and strong.  We have to protect them.



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