Take 1: A question of gratitude

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I have been in a real funk lately, and I’m still trying to pinpoint what exactly is going on and why I have been feeling like this.  I have still yet to get into real efforts regarding my gratitude blog posts, which continually reminds me that expressing gratitude is something that cannot be practiced enough.

It is not happy people who are thankful.  It is thankful people who are happy.

So in an effort to get out of this awkward “limbo” stage and with Thanksgiving coming up, what better way than to continue working on verbalizing what it is I am grateful for.  Each day, from now leading up to Thanksgiving, I will ask someone what it is they are thankful for, and do some reflection about how that coincides with my own life.  I really do love listening to people talk about their passions and blessings and I hope to be humbled by what I hear, while getting to know those people in my life even more.  Ultimately, I am hoping this effort will just be a glimpse into the future of my expression.

So for today, I asked my friend and boss at The Rush Indoor Cycling Studio, Danielle, “What are you thankful for?”

1460076_432040626895918_1009161617_nDanielle spoke about being grateful for having the opportunity to have a job where she works with a great team (aw, shucks, Danielle ;)). After working in the restaurant industry, Danielle had a lot of great ideas but wasn’t given the opportunity to express them and have her ideas heard.  Now, Danielle is Director of Operations at The Rush, has the opportunity to express her thoughts and ideas, and have a team and community to support her.  Danielle is just about one of the sweetest people I know, and I am honored to work alongside her.  She is incredibly helpful, encouraging, and has a sweet and kind heart.

Along these lines, I know I am incredibly grateful to even have a job, and to be surrounded by talented and passionate people.  As many of you know, I quit my stable job at EY last September and I have started working part time at The Rush–a spin studio.  Now I am not saying that there aren’t great people at EY.  There definitely are and I met a lot of them.  But by working at the Rush, I get to work with people with a real fire.  They want something and they go after it.  There is a true passion for what they do, which is giving people an opportunity to better themselves and in order to better serve the people around them.

Danielle spoke perfectly about the community at the Rush.  I feel so lucky to have people around me who support me in my endeavors.  When I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon last month, the congratulations at the studio–from instructors and from clients–were plentiful, and the “good lucks!” motivated me.  Getting even a personal call from Corey (one of the Rush’s co-owners and instructors) asking about the race meant a lot, and even to this day, I will hear Sheri during class mention to everyone that I just finished a marathon.  The support is fantastic, and the fact that I am more than willing to come in on a weekend to spend time with them decorating Christmas trees and the whole shebang goes to show that I am surrounded by really special people.

So a big thank you! to everyone at the Rush for the great times and support!



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