Music of a (Half) Marathon – Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon


Florida and Disney World, here I come!  I’m currently sitting in Denver International Airport, enjoying a Blue Moon as I anxiously await my next flight to Jacksonville.  I’ve headed out of the beautiful and “warm” west coast and I’m on my way over to the beautiful and even warmer state of Florida.  On Saturday night I’ll be running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, and I couldn’t be more excited for a number of reasons.

1.  It will be my first time doing a Walt Disney World race.  After doing two Tinker Bell halfs, two Disneyland halfs, and a Disneyland 10K, I think it’s about time I run through the other parks on the other side of the country ;)

2.  I get my first Coast to Coast medal!  If you complete a half marathon distance or longer at the Disneyland Parks and the Walt Disney World resort in the same calendar year, this medal is all yours!

3.  Who doesn’t love a good vacation?

4. Most importantly, I get to see and run with my beautiful best friend, Lacey!

If races at Walt Disney World are anything like races at Disneyland, I know the spectators will be awesome and the entertainment will be plentiful.  As for this race, I’m simply using the Wine and Dine Half as an opportunity to relax, have fun running, and enjoy all the time I can with my best friend.  No glances at how my pace is, no check-ins in my mind as to how to motivate myself to run faster, no push for time, because this time is all about enjoying the moments and savoring the run with the girl who has supported me and cheered me on for every race I have ever done.  I even plan on running with my phone, partly because my iPod Nano is nowhere to be found (I’ve searched everywhere, fingers crossed it pops up!), but more so that I can take pictures galore of Lacey and me and everything surrounding us.

As for music, since I’ll be running with Lacey and I’ll be distracted by all things around the Disney World parks, I chose songs that really would be background noise.  I even was considering not running with music, but per Lacey, we could just run with one headphone in.  Fine by me!

  • “Unconditionally” – Katy Perry
  • “4 AM (Adam K and Soha Radio Edit)” – Kaskade
  • “Anywhere With You” – Jake Owen
  • “We Go Down” – Krewella
  • “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” – Aaron Carter (yes, that’s right)
  • “Drunk Last Night” – Eli Young Band
  • “The Spark” – Afrojack Feat. Spree Wilson (this is a really good pump up song! Thanks, Angie!)
  • “More Than Miles” – Brantley Gilbert
  • “Welcome” – Jump5 (comes from the Parade of Dreams!)
  • “Legendary Lovers” – Katy Perry
  • “Hey Brother” – Avicii

My playlist is really filled with a lot of Katy Perry and Krewella; they have a lot of great songs out to run to, so check them out!

Do you Run Disney?  If so, do you listen to any different music to get you into the Disney mood?  I know I do!

Happy running!



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