Music of a Marathon – Nike Women’s Marathon 2013


T-3 PEOPLE! T-3 DAYS.  This Sunday, I’ll be running my second marathon in beautiful San Francisco, and I could not be any more anxious or excited.  I think I’ve told a good number of people that marathons are just not my distance.  26.2 is a loooooong ways, my friends.

Let me use this time to clarify.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when people refer to pretty much all races as “marathons.”  No.  There is a very distinct difference.  A half marathon is 13.1 miles, and a full marathon is 26.2 miles.  So often, I run a half marathon and my friends and acquaintances will talk about how awesome it is that I just ran a marathon, and it makes me cringe a little bit. simply because the training and the distance for a marathon are at a whole other level.  Saying that I just completed a marathon is just not true, and it irks me to hear congratulations on something I didn’t deserve or earn.  I know what it feels like to complete a marathon and it is far different from finishing a half marathon.

But anyway, there’s that.  This weekend, I will complete a marathon and I can truly and honestly say that I will have deserved it!  A few weeks ago after my last long training run, I vented about the distance.  Marathons are just … long.  The training has gone well for the most part, though I have felt sluggish on my long runs and I’m working with a slight shin splint on my left leg.  Nevertheless, I’m pumped, excited, and quite frankly, terrified for Sunday.

Well, we hear that if something scares us, it might be a good thing to try.  So, 26.2, here I come!  As per usual, below is a snippet of some of the music I’ll be listening during the race.  I have a good mix of a lot of things, and I even added a Krewella album that I have not even listened to in full, so we’ll see how it goes!  Regardless, I focused my music on all upbeat songs this time around, just to keep my energy up.

  • “Wasting All These Tears” – Cassadee Pope
  • “Hurts Like Heaven” – Coldplay (kind of an oldie, but I listened to this last Thursday during my run and couldn’t help but sing, dance, and bob my head during it!  Completely made me smile)
  • “This” – Darius Rucker
  • “All Night” – Icona Pop (love!)
  • “Last Chance” Feat. Project 46 – Kaskade
  • “Atmosphere” – Kaskade
  • “Dear Boy” – Avicii
  • “Heart Upon My Sleeve” – Avicii
  • “Live For The Night” – Krewella
  • “Stay the Night” Feat. Hayley Williams – Zedd (another huge favorite!)
  • “Keep Your Eyes Open” – Needtobreathe (thanks Angie!)
  • “What Now” (R3hab Remix) – Rihanna
  • “Kyoto” Feat. Sirah – Skrillex (courtesy of Miss Shannon Buckles)

Any songs or music I missed?  Let me know if you have other suggestions! Happy marathon racing weekend!



2 thoughts on “Music of a Marathon – Nike Women’s Marathon 2013

  1. Good luck on your upcoming marathon! C really wants to run this one – so she’s looking forward to your recap! Also, not sure if it’s your cup of tea – but Chicane can be a lot of fun to listen to while running. It’s “kind of” like Kaskade. :)

    Have a great race!

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