Taking on a yoga challenge


My yoga practice post-teacher training and post-extensions has been one in which I have had to take a step back and recognize where I want my practice to deepen.  I no longer have Wednesday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons filled with lecture, practice, and teaching.  Ever since the end of June, my life has been filled with so much yoga, all of the time, and I’m so grateful for all of those opportunities to move forward with my practice.

But I’ve had to take a step back.  How will I continue this drive?  How will I continue to deepen my practice?

At the end of September I saw an Instagram challenge that five yogis around the world were encouraging others to give a try.  October’s “Yoga Flight Fest” focuses on arm balances and inversions.  Each night before, a yoga asana would be shown on Instagram, and the next day, in order to participate in the challenge, you were supposed to take a picture of you in the posture or a modification of the posture and post it on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags and all that good stuff. With October 1 looming around, I figured, “Why not?”  I wanted to try something new to keep me further engaged, so I took the challenge on.

Welllll … I really should have considered what I wanted in a yoga challenge.  What I absolutely loved about it was that it was challenging; arm balances and inversions aren’t easy! And I was so excited for the opportunity to try new postures out.

photo 1

Left: Tripod headstand/sirsasana II . Top right: crow/bakasana . Bottom right: dolphin

I got six days into the challenge (see pictures above and below) and found I wasn’t a fan of having to take a picture and post it each … and every … day.  I’m not the kind of person who posts Instagram photos all day, and I have been making more of an effort to take time away from social media.  Lucky for me, I took class at CorePower with my extensions lead, Emily, and at the end of class, she let everyone know that the 30/40 CPY Challenge was starting up.  Pretty much, this challenge was to take 30 classes in 40 days at any San Diego CorePower studio.

photo 2

Top: baby grasshopper . Bottom left: supported headstand/salamba sirsana . Bottom right: side plank/vasisthasana

Yup, this was right up my alley.  Yoga has already filled up my life and has become a daily practice, but what I found calling me to this challenge in particular was that this was an opportunity for me to take more classes, explore new formats, and make connections with new instructors in the CPY community.  I have a core number of teachers I regularly take class from, and with my current schedule, I found that I would be able to take the opportunity to truly explore CorePower even more than I have been.

I’m excited to try out my first yoga challenge, and I have an inkling that I will once again become hooked and take on more after one finishes up.  But for now, 30 classes in 40 days … and go!

Wish me luck!



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