Extensions – a lesson in inner peace

“To perform every action artfully is yoga.” – Swami Kripalu

Halfway through CorePower Yoga’s extensions program, I wrote about feeling overwhelmed and uneasy with  how I was doing, reminding myself that confidence and strength are key.  Now that the program is over, looking back, I realize even more how true that is.  The past few weeks, have been a constant challenge where I remind myself often to focus on myself, accept where I am, and be confident in my value and self worth.  Tonight is CPY’s internship audition.  I’ve practiced, I’m confident, and I know I would be an asset to the CorePower community.  But what is it that I may or may not have to accept?  That perhaps “Janine” teaching at CorePower is not meant for me–right now.  As much as I want something and have worked towards getting it, there will always be moments where I am disappointed.  Regardless of whether I am blessed with the internship or not, what is the challenge?  To acknowledge the outcome and to act with grace.  

I chuckle when I think about the extensions program and how it was not just a program to delve deeper into teaching, but a program to delve even deeper in my practice in finding inner peace. Of course it was!

Inner Peace

I love the quote above by Swami Kripalu.  Yoga isn’t just when you’re in child’s pose, balasana, centering yourself onto your mat.  Yoga isn’t just when you’re in revolving crescent lunge, rinsing your body of its toxicities.  You practice yoga when you practice truthfulness.  You practice yoga when you practice honesty.  You practice yoga when you practice gratitude. You practice yoga when you practice acceptance–of others and most importantly, of yourself.  I know I have the passion and will to practice and teach the physical asanas of yoga; but the mindfulness of the practice?  That is the challenge.  That is the test.



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