The truth about transitions


Yesterday while on my long training run, I remembered that it was the first day of fall. Summer had come to a close, and I actually woke up this morning for my morning run, got out of bed, and walked outside of my apartment cold and bundled up in my fuzzy North Face jacket.  The change in weather, the change in seasons, the transition to a different purpose and state of mind–it allows us to settle down, reenergize, get excited for the end of the year, and grow in gratitude for our blessings and gifts.  I found it incredibly fitting that with moving into fall, I also was transitioning into a different stage of my life and my career.


After putting my two weeks notice in, Avery sent me the following article entitled “Untethered: 3 Tips for Living Transitions Well.”  Transitions can be difficult, regardless of whether where they may be leading you to.  Knowing that my time with EY was coming to an end, the time period following my last day with the firm would definitely be an interesting experience.  I no longer would have a full time corporate job.  I no longer would work with the teams I had spent so much time with.  I no longer would get so many “free” lunches!  But ultimately …  I no longer would have the stability and familiarity I have had the past year.  

In the article, the three tips listed included:

  1. Establish a routine.
  2. Remember it is temporary.
  3. Trust the refinement.

Change can be terrifying.  I admit, depending on what the “change” is, I may or may not take the transitional period well.  But today, I woke up, reminded myself of these tips, and put them to use.  I established my routine for the day, the week, and how I wanted my next few weeks to look like.  I reminded myself that this is temporary, and this time period will only lead me to a more fulfilled career and life.  But most importantly, I woke up, trusting that this would be an amazing stage of my life filled with growth.

The following quote from the article felt like words taken right of my mouth, putting a smile to my face:

Good character is formed from tougher times, out of life’s sinew. Transitions are uncomfortable, but how we choose to live them refines our character. Personally, I can tell you that I’m held in hands much larger, kinder, and more capable than my own. I believe that God’s got me, and that he is fashioning a better course than anything I could engineer. Transitions represent refinement, and trusting that your character will be polished by this period of in-between makes the journey easier.

I have found that for the most part, life is a constant transition.  How we maneuver through life and these changes builds us up and helps us grow into the strong beings we are meant to be.  We become more ourself.

How do you deal with transition?



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