Saying goodbye to EY

Today is my last day with EY. I didn’t expect these past two weeks to be as bittersweet as they have turned out to be. Telling my clients that it would be my last day or week with them, breaking the news to my teams that I was going to focus my time and effort on pursuing a different passion, hearing people tell me that I will be missed–it actually made me feel sad, which is a feeling I definitely was surprised to feel.


My first EY event one year ago! EY Connect Day at the Ronald McDonald House

Without a doubt, the reason I feel this way is because I have met such incredible people and friends this past year by being a part of EY. I truly have them to thank for keeping me as grounded as possible and  for keeping me entertained and laughing throughout the work day.While I could list so many people to thank, there are a couple who  truly made my experience as best it could be, and I have to express my gratitude to them.

My senior Sarah for always making me laugh at work, baking delicious goodies for me each time we headed out to our client, and for simply being someone more to me than a senior–a friend.


If the light’s go off in the audit room and you can’t figure out how to turn them back on, does that mean it’s time to go home?  Ha! Sarah, Athena, and I laughed through the experience :)

There are not enough thank-you’s I can give to my dear Thy who ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS made me laugh at work.  But really.  Always.  Thy listened away while I ranted on and on about my life, whether it was work related or not, encouraged me to listen to myself, take breaks when I needed them, and kept me lighthearted.

phoo 2

Morgan being weird at happy hour (hey, Shannon, anything look familiar?!)

Last but not least, my start class – Nanllel, Shannon, Karryn, Austin, Morgan, Rhianna, Emily, Anthony, Andrew, Mikael, Chase, Allena, Shannon, Kacey, Lauren, Andrew, John, Brianna, Max, Tony, Teng, and Svetlana.  Anytime I spent with them was filled with laughter, whether it was at recruiting events, nights out in PB, random meetups at Stagecoach, days at the office or client, WHATEVER.  The emoticons we’d receive over instant messages, the conversations we’d have throughout the work day, the music that Shannon sent me via Spotify–they got me through and kept me smiling!

photo 2

Our start class (with a few missing) enjoying our Friday afternoon at the Del Mar races

Of course there are tons more people to thank, who helped me grow in my career, who served as mentors, who took an interest in how I was doing, and I am grateful to each and every one of them.  There are experiences I had and lessons I learned at EY that I will never forget, but now it’s time to move on, get serious about what I would like to have in a career, and use what I learned to build it.  Thank you to everyone for all of your support!  On to the next chapter!



5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to EY

  1. Looks like you had the opportunity to work with some pretty great people! Best of luck to you on your next career-related adventure — it’s so exciting to be taking the next steps in life, even when you’re not exactly sure what those steps are supposed to be! You’ll be great – and we’ll be looking for updates! Take care.

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