Extensions – halfway through

As crazy as it is, I am about halfway through with CorePower‘s power yoga extensions teaching program.  This program is–of course–an extension of the 200 hour teacher training I just completed with the studio, and it has been a whirlwind of an adventure!

Each week, we meet with the entire group of teachers and students on Wednesdays for lectures, activities, and classes on physical adjustments and assists, while on weekends, we split up in our core group of teachers with our coach, and come together to teach a free class to the community.


I’ll be completely honest; the program has been both a blessing and an overwhelming experience for me.  It is a different environment, to say the least.  Maybe it is all in my head, I don’t know. Perhaps it is because I know that the majority of the people in the program have the goal or intention of getting hired at CorePower–just as is my intention–and this sense of a common goal creates a sort of … slight competition that I am not used to feeling in anything yoga related.  Who knows, maybe I’m just imagining it and this is a sign of my own lack of confidence or an insecurity issue.

Regardless, I have forced myself to look back at my experience in the previous training; what did I learn then that will always be a continuous practice and that I can work into this training?

Confidence and strength.   These are key.  And this is what I should focus on. I know I am strong in my cues, my voice, my presence.  I know I have the compassion and the eagerness to serve my students.  How I am as a teacher is unique from what the other people in the program can bring, and that is beautiful.  Avery reminded me last week that “comparison is the thief of joy.”  And how true that is.  I am doing the best that I can do with my schedule and my talents and my abilities, and that may be completely different from what other people are doing and that is okay.  I know I would be a great asset to the CorePower community.  It is about cultivating that confidence and acceptance into what I know makes me an approachable teacher that students would be drawn to.

Isn’t that one of the amazing things about yoga–and life?  We are always learning and are always tested.  Yoga is a constant practice that challenges me everyday.



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