CPY Teacher Training – What was it all for?


On our last day of teacher training, Alyssa had us go around in a circle and say one thing we would take from teacher training.  As I mentioned before, the responses ranged from “acceptance,” to “confidence,” to “flow,” to “community.”  It truly was beautiful to hear everyone’s words.  But I loved what Alyssa pointed out: not one of us ever said something along the lines of, “My warrior two is AWESOME now!” It goes to show that yoga is not simply about the postures; live your yoga.

I reread my very first blog post about teacher training, where I reflected on why I had decided to go into the training, and one of things that I still stand by that I wrote about is that the past eight weeks were truly a personal, intentional retreat.  Aside from learning about the postures, the history of yoga, anatomy, the business of yoga, and the countless other pieces of information I threw into my head, I grew.  What else did I take from my experience and into my life?


to express my genuine self.  I learned to accept where I am and be okay with it.  My journey unfolds exactly how it should.  Trust the process!

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 10.11.11 PM

others.  There is so much joy and inspiration in teaching yoga, its lifestyle, and serving others through something I love.

Compassionfor my body and my mind.  If there is ever a few days in which I do not practice yoga, it affects me both physically and emotionally.

Communitybrings my yoga to the next level.  Yoga used to be a solo practice for me.  Now, it is a blessing to have learned so much from others by practicing with them.

Confidenceis key.  I can achieve much more than I think I can, simply by being confident, or even faking confidence! It eventually leads to the real thing :)

Livewith intention.  Be active.  What brings me great joy and energy?  What enriches my life?  How can I make a difference?  How can I serve?  These are the questions I recognize I should ask myself in order to bring meaning and control to my life.  Use intention to stay present amidst the stumbles along the way.

My eight week teacher training experience is over, and the extensions program begins tomorrow night! But do you know what is truly beautiful?  It never ends.  Yoga teaches me something new each day.



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