Luke 6:45

Luke 6:45

I recently read this article via Twitter, which really spoke to me as to what I have been trying to do with these weekly “Luke 6:45” posts.  Laura Vanderkam wrote a journal one summer to remember the moments she never wanted to forget.  I found that this is exactly my focus.  Finding complete and utter bliss in something each day allows me to continue to recognize how lucky I am to have the life I am living, despite the ups and downs.  I, too, want “specific evidence–evidence that would conjure up detailed memories-that I had an awesome life.”  I am so blessed, and I know it, thanks to the moments I experience and the people God brings into my life and I am so grateful.

photo 1

Sunday – Every time I spend with Avery makes me so happy to have her in my life.  The AFC half was such a great milestone for the both of us and sharing it with her was priceless!

Monday – I headed to a C1 in Hillcrest after work, and began my marathon training with a short 3 mile run.  No rest days for me after the AFC half! I was so pleased with how my body handled the constant running.

Tuesday – My awesome senior Sarah baked me and the other staff pumpkin bread! Pumpkin? Pure love.  One of the ways to my heart.

photo 2Wednesday – I headed up to LA and was able to enjoy a great happy hour (courtesy of the firm) with Karryn, Austin, and Daniel upon arrival.  I can never turn down free food!

photo 3Thursday – Hands down.  I saw my best friend Emily (who lives in LA) after work.  We headed to The Grove for dinner.  I had not seen her since my birthday in May and Emily never fails to make me laugh!

Friday – On the drive home from LA, I passed by my house in Irvine and spent time with my parents, who I haven’t seen in a few weeks.  We had great conversation and I am so grateful to have parents who love me so much.

photo 4Saturday – Avery came over for pretty much the kind of night I wish I had more often.   We cooked dinner, headed to Extraordinary Desserts, watched Pride and Prejudice, drank wine, and stayed up talking until we realized it was almost 2 o’clock in the morning!  Just the kind of night I needed with a great friend.

Whether it is one word or one paragraph a day, I encourage you to give it a try!  There is so much joy in each day to recognize.



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