CPY Teacher Training – Week 8!

I can’t believe it; the last week of my 200 hour yoga teacher training experience came and went.  Eight weeks flew by and I do not even know how to begin to start describing what this experience has meant for me.

Last Wednesday, we held “Bring a Guest” night, where all of the teacher trainees brought a friend or two.  My peers and I were all assigned a posture, and we flowed through the C1 class, taking our turns teaching the class filled with friends we brought.  Hannah took the time out to come, and it was so special to be able to share this experience with a friend.  On Saturday, we had our “test,” where we partnered up and taught the class to a partner within the hour time limit.  We were forced to relax, think on our feet, do three adjustments/assists on our partner, and speak with control and integrity.


Sunday’s yoga practice was the most fun I have ever had!

Sunday’s class was simply a celebration.  Our teacher trainer leads–Alyssa, Kristie, Kellie, and Kali–prepared the most exhilarating “Yoga Glow Rave,” with lights, laughter, and a great flow during class.  After practicing yoga and after filling our bellies with healthy snacks, we sat in a circle, went around the room, and each chose one word that described what we took from this training.  The answers varied from “confidence,” to “acceptance,” to “service,” to “community,” and it was incredibly special to hear each individual’s stories and words.


We graduated!

I was amazed at my teacher training group.  During each class, it brought a smile to my face to see how far we all had come and I was so inspired by all of our hard work and dedication.  It’s odd to think that I spent most of my Wednesday nights, and weekend afternoons with this group, and they grew to be a part of my yoga community, and I miss them all already.   I thank them all so much for being a part of this experience and for sharing their light.



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