CPY Teacher Training – Week 7

As mentioned previously, my time spent at teacher training this week was limited.  I again, spent the weekend in Las Vegas with my best friends Lacey and Amanda, which was time definitely well spent that I could not pass up.

Last Wednesday, the class split up into two rooms and we did a round robin of the entire series.  It was rather nerve wracking at first! But everyone did so well and it was awesome to see us all come together to teach the entire class to each other.  I received a lot of great feedback from Alyssa and Meagan who said that I have clear, confident cues, a great pace, but most of all, they loved my crow pose demo because that is when my personality shined.  Boy, that put a smile to my face!  How heartwarming to know that people could be drawn to me and my classes because of my personality.

ChangeDespite missing the opportunities to practice further and missing the “business of yoga” lecture on Saturday and Sunday, I feel like I am in a great spot to continue on with CorePower’s Power Yoga Extensions training.  The extensions program will allow me to elevate my teaching and confidence to the next level, as I continue to work towards my intention of becoming a yoga instructor.  It’s funny to look back sometimes.  During week four of teacher training, I remember having to miss multiple classes due to work and being much too stressed about it.  It puts a smile to my face knowing how far I’ve come.  Sure, I’ve missed a good number of classes the past two weeks,  but I have accepted where I am in the training and moved forward.  Each week, I’ve come back to class confident, with a smile on my face, and proud of my teaching.  Alyssa reminds us constantly that if anything, this training teaches us that we can.  We can be teachers.  I am so confident that I can do this and it would not be with the support and feedback of my friends, instructors, and fellow teacher training peers that this is possible and that I feel this confident, despite the missed classes.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me through this process!

This last week of yoga training will be a bittersweet one; but it isn’t over yet! I cannot wait to delve even deeper during the extensions program. Namaste!



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