Luke 6:45

Luke 6:45

The past week has been fantastic.  A stress free week at work, combined with a delicious happy hour with Avery, some yoga, and being reunited with my best friends in Las Vegas kept me energized and in bliss all week long.  I had a smile on my face and I could not help but be so incredibly thankful for my great life!  My heart was truly so full the entire week and I have my amazing friends to thank for that.

photo 1

Sunday – My cousins, brother, and our friends spent our last day in Las Vegas at Marquee Day Club at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Each time we head to Vegas, we frequent this day club and always have a great time!  Kaskade was in town and made the party much more fun.

Monday – Avery and I watched the season finale of The Bachelorette (go Chris!) and munched on Sprinkles Cupcakes before restarting our sugar detox.

photo 2

Tuesday – One of my teams at work and I finally celebrated the “end of the audit” … about 6 months late ha! We headed off to Mister A’s near Balboa Park for happy hour and truffle fries with a view, then had an extremely filling dinner at Island Prime.  We had spectacular views of the San Diego skyline from our table and even got to see fireworks!

Wednesday – For teacher training, we did a whole round of round robin of the series.  I received some great feedback and I’m eager to practice more!

Thursday – Avery and I met after work for happy hour at Bier Garden.  We had their own brewed beer, brie, and nachos.  YUM.  Great food, great drinks, and great company!

Friday – Hands down, being reunited with Lacey and Amanda in Vegas was the highlight of the week.  As I wrote about previously, Lacey is my best friend who is now in graduate school in Florida, and our reunions are always the best!

Saturday –  The trio (missing Emily!) spent most of the afternoon at Encore Beach Club and had a blast at the pool!

A million thanks to Avery, Lacey, and Amanda for helping make my week the best :) xoxo!

With love, Janine


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