CPY Teacher Training – Week 6

My time spent at yoga teacher training last week (and this upcoming week) was limited.  I headed off to vacation with my cousins and a few friends over the weekend, missing the Saturday chakra lecture and the Sunday practice teaching session.  Nevertheless, I am finding the time to make up the work (albeit, a little later than I would like to make it up), but it can be difficult to do the research and learn the information on my own rather than having it taught to me.

ChakrasLast Saturday’s lecture centered around chakras, and I am pretty bummed I missed it, but I have done a little bit of research on my own and I am eager to delve even further into them.  Chakras are points in the human body in that are centers of prana, or life force.  They are energy centers in our body where energy flows, and “blocked” energy in these chakras lead to illness.  There are seven chakras in our bodies, and if you’re interested, read a snippet about each of them!  Ultimately, together, the chakras “form a profound formula for wholeness and a template for transformation.”

I took a simple quiz that allowed me to do a bit of self reflection and take note of the chakras in my body that may be blocked and I can work on opening up.  Opening chakras can range from a number of ways–practicing yoga, meditation, mudras (special hand positions), chants, etc.

I found that the chakra that is most blocked for me is the fifth chakra–the throat chakra, which is associated with communication, self-expression and creativity.  Now, it is is said that “the healthfulness of the fifth chakra is in relation to how honestly one expresses” himself or herself.  When considering this about myself, I was a little surprised.  I believe I am not very good at holding feelings, thoughts, or emotions in, and usually try to get it out ASAP.  Though, when thinking about it further, I have taken it to mean something a little bit different.  Something I have constantly been trying to work on for months now is being true to myself and expressing my true self.  I am constantly reminding myself that I am me, and I am the only one who needs to understand myself.  Why I act and why I feel is my only concern, and no one else’s. There have been multiple times in which I forced myself to act a different way or try to feel a different emotion because of what friends have said or what seems like is “accepted” by society–but I was not expressing my genuine self.  I must stay present, accept where I am, and more importantly, be okay and confident with expressing who and where I am in my journey. 


There was only one chakra I found that I am already very open in, which is the heart chakra.  This honestly was of no surprise to me.  The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, located in the heart area (of course), and is associated with love, intimacy, compassion, and balance.  It is said that “a healthy fourth chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, have a deep sense of peace and centeredness.”  Now, a chakra can always be opened even further, and even I know I can always work on feeling peace and centeredness.  Though, if there is one certain aspect of myself that I am confident in, it is that I do love deeply.  And I feel compassion so much so it hurts!  It put a smile to my face knowing that this chakra is for me, my most clear.

I encourage you to venture out and take the chakra quiz (or do some research on your own as to discover which of your chakras may need to be opened.  You may never know what you may discover!

With love, Janine


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