CPY Teacher Training – Week 5

This past week of teacher training was so exciting! Now that we have finished breaking down the postures of the C1 series, most of the time spent during class has now been used to practice teach.

On Wednesday and Sunday, we started off by practice teaching with a partner, then moved into round robin.  During a round robin, we set up like a class–with music and everything–facing the front of the room.  Our instructors then sit in the back to observe and write feedback.  We go through the series, teaching as if we were in front of a real class.  We each cued a number of postures before our instructors told the next person in class to pick up where the last person left off.  This week, we also started to receive feedback from our instructors.  I received great feedback from Alyssa, Meagan, and Kellie, and overall, I found that I know the series, I know how to speak clearly, loudly, and with inflection and presence, but I need to work on my cues more.  Overall, each activity has been a positive experience, forcing me to think on my feet, feel the pressure, relax, and speak with control to the class.


Additionally, this past week, I have taken a good number of C1 classes (which is a requirement for our certification).  One thing that I began to notice was how I felt during certain classes with regard to the size of the class.  So often I have been in classes with perhaps only five to seven people.  The smaller classes have been lovely; the teacher can focus on each of us individually during the class and we can get some personalized treatment.  However, last Saturday morning, I took a class with Jenny W in La Jolla with a pretty full class.  I was caught off guard at first, as the classes I have been attending have been small.  But wow.  What an eye-opening change.  There was so much energy in the room.  And best of all?  The breath of the class was inspiring.  It truly goes to show how strong the yoga community it is and how we are all interconnected.  Hearing everyone’s breath reminded me to breathe and gave me energy, something that I never really experience in smaller classes.  It was a change I needed.

Do you ever want to hear something completely and utterly beautiful?  Go to a yoga class–and just listen … and breathe!

With love, Janine


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