CPY Teacher Training – Week 4

EmbraceBecause of my busy schedule at work last week, I actually missed Wednesday and Saturday’s teacher training classes.  After speaking with other students, it does not sound like I missed too much material.  On Wednesday, everyone practice taught the Sun Salutation B series through the core exercises, while on Saturday, Alyssa continued with another anatomy lecture.  On Sunday, we finished the C1 series!  We finally broke down the postures for the spine strengthening series (cobra, bow, camel, and bridge pose) through the surrender series (happy baby, supine twist, and savasana[my favorite]).  Now because I missed Wednesday’s and Saturday’s classes, I, of course, have work to do to make them up, which includes reading, writing, practice teaching, and observing an extra C1 class.

I hate missing classes.  It’s as simple as that.  It really bothered me that I missed 2 already.  Of course, I will do the make-up work, but it does not provide the same environment and benefit as learning with the rest of the class.  But what can you do?

Be present.  Each time I step into the yoga studio, whether it is for class or for my own practice, the teacher tells us to be present.  Why should that simple statement be any different now?  Sure, missing class is not ideal.  But I had to work, so all I can do is accept that I am exactly where I am supposed to be when it comes to the teacher training process.  It does not serve me–or anyone else–if I dwell on the past, or even worry about the future.  Just focus on my breath, recognize where I am at that moment, and be okay with it.

With love, Janine


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