Wake with gratitude

GratitudeLast week, my best friend Lacey sent me this video, hoping that it would give me “a little bit of happy” that day.  Well, it definitely did, and I am not ashamed to say that it brought tears to my eyes.  A positive psychology study was done at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Rhode Island, and University of Michigan and SoulPancake performed a “gratitude experiment,” noting one of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness life is how much gratitude you show.

In summary, the video shows a number of people who sat, closed their eyes, and pictured one influential person in their life.  They each then wrote a letter to that person, expressing why he or she was so important.  What the participants did not know, was that following writing the letter, they would call that respective person on the phone, and read to them what they wrote.  What they found was a significant “increase” in happiness (you can refer to the study to see how happiness was measured).

So, I figured I would try it out.  Why not?  I believe that happiness is a choice and I strive to choose it everyday.  Now, gratitude should always be given, and sadly, I do not express it enough.  I am looking forward to putting a conscious effort to putting the people I love on a pedestal by acknowledging how important they are to me, how they have changed my life, and how thankful I am that they are in my life.  So, be on the lookout to read about them and their awesome qualities!  Maybe you’ll feel inclined to do the same for those people in your life.

With love, Janine


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