Luke 6:45

Luke 6:45

This week has been rough.  There is no doubt about that.  Long work days and an roller coaster of emotions has left me exhausted.  But what can you do?  The work has to get done and I had to constantly remind myself to keep my head up.  I have never appreciated the little things as much as this week.

I will always give thanks for those moments that filled my heart, no matter how big or small.

Luke 6:45

Sunday – Sitting through CPY’s anatomy lecture with the rest of the class.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to this guy :P

Monday – Avery and I drank wine, ate cheese, and watched The Bachelorette and had a mini post-work-day slumber party.  Just the kind of night I needed.

Tuesday – A short run with Avery along beautiful Carlsbad provided the best way to start a work morning.  Having a running buddy definitely gave me motivation that day!

Luke 6:45

Wednesday – Shannon accompanied me to my favorite teacher’s C1.5 class.  It was a great way to wind down after a long work day.  The teacher, Dianna, always brings a smile to my face and her classes always provide me with peace.  I would definitely recommend a class from her!

Thursday – Some leftover pizza, wine, and Pretty Little Liars replaced my decision to run or practice yoga.  Sometimes, all you need is wine and some guilty television pleasures to help you wind down.

Friday – My senior and I joined another team for lunch at Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe.  The heart shaped bread killed me with cuteness!

Saturday – After another long work day, my parents, aunts, and cousin Camille drove down to San Diego to join me for dinner.  I have not seen my parents for a while now, and they live close enough to drive, so I was incredibly appreciative of the time they took to come down.

This week, I am working at another client for their quarterly review and as challenging as last week was for me, I’m looking forward to continuing to find the little things that bring me joy each day.

With love, Janine


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