Making Time


Last week, I began to take notice of how exhausted I have been feeling lately.  With close to eight hours of sleep, I still found myself drained throughout the entire work day, ready to fall into bed the minute I got home.

Now this week in particular, I have started to become concerned.  Perhaps I can attribute part of how drained I am to this being my first week back at a client since before my Fourth of July vacation.  Especially with particularly earlier mornings and later nights than usual at work, I have found myself overwhelmed.

So, I have stepped back–why have I been feeling like this?  Well, Janine, let’s see.  I am working full time (and not a 9-5 job, at that), participating in CPY yoga teacher training, and training to PR for the AFC half marathon in August and the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco in October.  Additionally, I am rekindling old friendships, building new ones, and strengthening the ones that have never wavered.  Even more importantly, I have been actively trying–or attempting to try–to make some significant changes in my life with regard to my dreams (more on that later!).  Amidst this beautiful mess, I need to set aside time for myself as well–time to drink a glass of wine, to sleep, to read, to write, to meditate, to pray.

All of these on my list are high priorities, and I am still understanding how I can balance everything.  Something to consider: I want it all, but maybe I cannot have it all–at least at the same time.  Who knows.  But if there is one thing I have learned the past couple of months, it is that you will make time for what is important to you.  Everything I mentioned above is important to me.  Though, finding the balance is key.  For now, I pray for composure, clarity, and peace.

Tell me if you have any sage pieces of advice; how do you find balance?

With love, Janine


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