CPY Teacher Training – Week 1


Firstly, I must say how excited I am to be participating in the CPY Teacher Training.  I know I’ve talked about it, but last week, I was so eager to begin and I can’t believe one week has already passed! The time has flown by and the information is rather overwhelming, but I’m working towards taking it all in strides and with one breath at a time ;)

Image via Lululemon AthleticaLast Wednesday was the first day our entire group met together; we spent a lot of time going through basic housekeeping about the program and about CorePower Yoga (for those who may have not taken any classes with the studio).  We were able to spend a good chunk of time walking around and talking to the other students, which was awesome to meet so many people who are all about to embark on the same journey, but at different points in their lives.  From men to women, to mothers, to recent college graduates, to Christians, to the non spiritual–it blows my mind how we can all fall in love with the same practice.  It is a testament to how universal yoga is.

The weekend posture clinics had probably some of the most overwhelming information so far.  However, we have been able to start and end class with a breath exercise which allows all of us to hear our voices, hear our breath, and ground down together amidst all of the information given to us.  On Saturday, a lot of focus was placed on our language–with specific emphasis on being direct (which is great advice in a lot of other situations!) and building a relationship with our students.  Something as simple as saying “raise your arms overhead” and being a personal guide can help you connect with your students.  What really spoke to me was the reminder that I should speak as if I have only one person in the class; that is the sort of personalized attention I would strive to give.

Sunday’s class was more posture oriented; we began by breaking down the postures of the integration part of a C1 class, which include child’s pose (balasana), downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana), ragdoll (uttanasana), and standing at attention (samasthiti).  We then partnered up and practiced teaching those asanas.  Wow,  it is a completely different experience speaking rather than being a student!  It is odd to hear my voice, also because I am still in the process of becoming brave and speaking out more.  However, this program will only just help me with my public speaking skills ;)  I definitely know I will be needing TONS of practice, so if you will let me practice on you, let me know ;) I will allow for a 5 minute child’s pose, just as a thank you :P  For the rest of class, we also broke down the postures for Sun Salutation A which includes mountain pose (tadasana), forward fold (uttanasana), halfway lift (ardha uttanasana), and the yoga pushup — chaturanga dandasana.

It is both exciting and scary to actually be in the process of breaking down the postures and actually practicing teaching, but I know this is just the beginning.  After all, Jason Crandell wrote that “yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are,” and amidst this excitement and fear, I am one step closer to growing in this curiosity.

With love, Janine


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