Music of a (Half) Marathon

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

With my 6th half marathon coming up this weekend, now comes the time of the week where I prepare my playlist that will keep me company for 13.1 miles.  Now you may hear runners say a number of different things about running and music.  Some argue that the tempo of the music distracts them from their pace, others need the music to boost their energy.  But any runner you encounter would say that your runs are just as much a mental workout as they are a physical workout, if not more.  For me, music is the best friend that motivates me to keep going.  Music smiles at me during my runs.  Music is the spectator cheering me on.  But most of all, music listens to how I am feeling.

As each race comes along, whatever journey I am going on through that part of my life can be directly reflected in the music I listen to during the race.  For my first half marathon (Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2012), I was still on a high from my experience leading the SEARCH XXIX retreat, so I listened to the songs my friends and I chose as we shared our witnesses.  For the 2013 San Diego Half Marathon and the 2013 OC Half Marathon, all I listened to was Florida Georgia Line and the Zac Brown Band (to name a few) as they were right around the corner from Stagecoach.  But this does not mean that I am always listening to happy, upbeat music that pushes me to run faster.  Often I’m listening to slower, more laid back, and sometimes melancholy music.  This may seem odd for a race, but I recognize where I am in my life at that point in time, what I want and need to be hearing, and it has not let me down yet!  I have crossed the finish line countless times knowing that the music helped me get there.  Stay tuned to see what I plan to listen to to help me cross the finish line on Saturday!

With love, Janine


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